Engineered vs Solid Wood

We have other blogs that discuss the construction of engineered and solid.

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This blog is specifically to address Engineered vs Solid wood flooring. Is one better than the other? No. Does one last longer than the other? With proper maintenance, no. So, why would one choose solid over engineered? Or vice-versa? It comes down to the proper application.

Generally, engineered wood is a little more affordable installed p/foot. The veneer is thinner and the core is generally a plywood or solid birch core. But, time and labor aren’t used to finish it on site. Plus, the finish that comes from the factory on a prefinished wood is usually better than the one we can do in your home.

The curve ball here is that there are pre-finished solids. If the only benefit of an engineered wood is that it’s prefinished, then why not choose a prefinished solid? The answer is price and construction. Not only will you pay for the premium factory finish, you’ll pay for the entire board being the premium wood. Most of the time prefinished solids are the most expensive per square foot. And they aren’t made very wide. The plywood core of an engineered wood plank helps the floor not warp or move over time from season to season.

When it comes down to it, even some of the most budget engineered floors can last over 100 years when they’re maintained properly.

What do we prefer? Neither. Each home is different. Sometimes a thicker floor is needed to make transitions work throughout a home. In that case, we use solid. Other times a wider plank is wanted, for that we use engineered. If you absolutely want wood and will take nothing else (laminate or vinyl), engineered will be a little more affordable, quicker, and will last quite a while.

With all types of flooring, you get what you pay for. We don’t sell sub par products. Why? Because we are here to stay and need to have something that is affordable and durable. A big box store frequently carries a very affordable engineered floor. There’s a reason. Get educated and good luck!