Not a lot of people realize that, like carpet, hardwood floors need to be professionally cleaned at least once every 9 – 18 months.

In addition to engineered and solid hardwoods, we can also clean:

  • Vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Planks/Tiles
  • Rubber or Foam Tiles
  • Cork
  • Tile or Stone
  • Some Laminates*
With stone, tile, and grout we use an analogy of a stained shirt. Imagine you clean a stained shirt in the wash and the stain doesn’t come out. The shirt may be clean, but it’s still stained. Tile, stone, and particularly grout can easily stain with years of use.

Intensive Cleaning

hardwood cleaning salt lake city

Using an industrial scrubber and commercial grade cleaners we aggressively scrub the flooring to remove any build up of dirt and other contaminants.

  • Scrub with IFT
  • Repeat Scrub with Squeaky

System 1


Clean & Protect

Hardwood renewal salt lake city

After cleaning, we can use a water based refinishing agent that will renew your floors and leave a protective finish and consistant sheen.   

  • Scrub with IFT
  • Repeat Scrub with Squeaky
  • Apply Hardwood Floor Re-finisher with a microfiber pad

System 2


Clean & Re-Coat

Dustless Sanding and Refinishing Salt Lake City

A complete re-coat consists of using a commercial grade two-component water-based finish and a bonding agent. The bonding agent eliminates the need for sanding.

  • Scrub with IFT
  • Repeat Scrub with Squeaky
  • Apply Tykote with a microfiber pad
  • Top Coat with StreetShoe

System 3


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