How do I maintain my new wood floor?

Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep. The only thing that ruins floor is dust and dirt. If your floor is dirty, as you walk on it the contaminants¬†will rub between your feet and the floor resulting in abrasion. Essentially, you’re sanding your floor with every step.

So, keep it clean.

Never use anything with wax, oil, or acrylic. Such as, but not limited to Minwax, OrangeGlo, or Murphy’s Oil Soap. These types of “cleaners” will ruin your floor for the long term. They’re not meant for modern wood floors that use modern finishes.

If you need to clean your floor use a good wood floor cleaner. Such as Bona, Basic Squeaky, or Woodwise. Don’t use Windex, it contains ammonia. Which isn’t good for the finish. If one doesn’t have a wood floor cleaner. Just use a damp cloth that has been wrung out very well.

Wood and water do not mix. And the less you use over time, the better off your floor will be.

Obviously, don’t drop anything heavy or sharp. Neither should you drag anything over it. Try to keep felt on the bottom of all your furniture.

Finally, get it commercially cleaned from time to time. Specifically every 12 – 18 months. There is only so much you can do, get a professional in there to clean it for you to give you a fresh start. This is a service we offer at a very affordable price.