Which Type of Flooring is Best?

We get asked all the time, “Which type of flooring is best?” The answer is, all of them. Each type of flooring definitely has a place. Often times we install almost every type of flooring in a single home.

Solid and Engineered woods are great for a natural appearance. If they’re prefinished, their durability is generally much higher than an onsite finished wood.

LVP/LVT, Cork, and Rubber have a great tolerance to moisture.

Laminates can be used for a budget friendly remodel and can stand up to a lot of abuse.

Carpet products have such a large color selection that they can be used to tie almost any corresponding designs together.

The point is, it comes down to preference and budget. What does the buyer prefer to step on? Something hard or something soft? Cold or warm? Is a budget of 10 dollars per square foot out of the question? Stick towards laminates, vinyl planks, polyester carpet and budget friendly engineered woods.



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